Homedale Idaho Engagement Session | Trey & Delayne

January 23, 2019

“Trey and I were friends all through high school. We had all the same friends and were always

going on late night adventures. Eventually we became more than friends and started seeing

more and more of each other. Our first date was a Ross shopping trip followed by some

gourmet Taco Bell. We still laugh about our first kiss, when our friends walked in on us and

embarrassed us so much. (Coincidentally and without planning, our first kiss was on August 3rd

and that’s our wedding date!) Trey asked me to be his girlfriend on August 21, 2013 when we

were playing a game of pick-up basketball.

After our first year of dating, Trey started his freshman year of college at the College of Idaho

while I finished my senior year. Lucky for us, he was really close to home, but when it came time

for me to pick a college, I knew that staying close wasn’t an option. I have been dead set on a

career in natural resources and no colleges in Treasure Valley have the programs I would need.

It took a lot of hard decisions and tough talks but we decided that we were going to do the long

distance thing for the next 4 years. We weren’t going to sacrifice our individual goals in order to

be together. It hasn’t been easy being long distance for so long, but now that we’re almost

through it, we know that it has made us stronger as a couple and as individuals!

Trey proposed to me in March of 2017 in Playa del Carmen Mexico. I traveled there a day later

than the rest of the group and when I got there, they had drinks in hand and took me up to the

rooftop of our hotel to watch the sunset. When Trey got down on his knee, I was in total shock! I

had absolutely NO idea that he was going to do that! He did an incredible job of making the

proposal a total surprise and absolutely magical!

Trey graduated from C of I in May and immediately started his Doctorate of Physical Therapy

education at the ISU Meridian Campus. As if that wasn’t enough, he has started a movement

training business and even a presentation skills club! I graduate in May and then we’ll begin the

house hunt in Boise! Our wedding is August 3rd up at Bogus Basin. We are so, so excited to get

married up in the mountains with all our family and friends around us!” -Delayne






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