Nampa Idaho Birth Session | Teal Kane Cook

January 30, 2019

”Being a mom is something I have longed for since I was a little. Having someone depend on you, love you unconditionally and call you mom, seemed like the most incredible thing ever, and I couldn’t wait for that! It wasn’t something that came easy for us, we experienced a few hard times with miscarriages, but we knew that we wanted nothing more than to be parents and we weren’t giving up! We found out in May that we were expecting again, and this time it just felt like it was going to work! We made it through the worse part, and was ecstatic. The pregnancy was stressful but amazing!! On the second on January my doctor called, stated I needed to be medically induced, so we packed up headed to the hospital, we were going to get to meet our little man a few days earlier than we thought. We were originally due the 13th of January. We started labor at 7pm all our family and friends came along with, they spent countless hours waiting, pacing, and finding anything they could to stay busy. It was 23 hours before we got to meet the most incredible little boy ever, Teal Kane Cook showed up on January 3rd and our lives forever changed! We sure are blessed with greatest gift!!” -Taryn

This is the first birth I have ever witnessed and I’m not going to lie I was a little scared! No joke it was INCREDIBLE! Being able to capture all of the details for them of such an important day where a family of two became three was amazing. Taryn is a total boss and was so strong all through the labor! Kelsey and Taryn are going to be the best parents to their sweet baby Teal!






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